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Metcalf Group (SA)的特长在于南澳州的退休独立生活膳宿。退休独立生活膳宿支持55岁以上的退休者,他们寻求社区生活方式, 又不用持续(操心)维护他们自己的房子。

Gary Metcalf是集团的董事经理。他于1996年创立了此集团,现在已经是南澳极受重视的成功企业。 Metcalf Group (SA) 为我们的中国投资商提供绝佳的投资机会。你可以购买南澳州现成的退休村庄/退休小区,或者开发一片土地。

我们的企业是独特的, 因为我们为退休行业提供全面的专业知识/专家评价,从慨念, 到计划、批准、 建筑、 销售、出售/买卖合同和管理。我们将和我们的中国投资者个别地工作,全过程支持他们,从在南澳州发现最适合的退休膳宿投资项目开始,到此投资项目的持续性管理。

Metcalf Group (SA) – 核心能力

• 为我们的中国投资商提供优质咨询的能力,因为我们在南澳州的退休独立生活膳宿行业拥有多年工作经验;

• 在南澳州计划和设计 退休独立生活村庄;

• 对南澳州退休村庄的建筑 进行全方位的项目管理和销售;

• 个别单元房装修的项目管理;

• 你的退休村庄投资事务的管理:

• 日常经营管理

• 管理退休村庄的账目

• 管理居民每月的各项服务费

• 组织和监督 维护方面的事务

• 年终财务报告和年度预算

• 理解退休者的需求 是独特的且持续变化的

• Metcalf Group (SA)有一支富有经验的敬业的专业团队,包括:

• 会计
• 律师
• 口译和笔译
• 银行家
• 方案开发专家

• 我们有持照合同商,拥有全面的开发和装修的高水平专业知识/专门技能

• 我们是销售和出售南澳退休独立生活膳宿村庄的专家

• 持续性对于当地市场的研究

• 对于南澳州法规和规则的全面理解

• 可证可查询的记录和无数获奖方案

目标 —向中国投资商介绍Metcalf Group (SA)南澳的退休独立生活小区/村庄投资机会

• 向中国投资商建议最合适的退休独立生活膳宿投资机会

• 向中国投资商提供专家专业性的指导

• 和我们的中国投资商建立起牢固的长期的关系

• 为我们的中国投资商提供最好的市场知识



Business Summary (English Version)

Metcalf Group (SA) specialise in independent living retirement accommodation in South Australia.  Independent retirement living supports retirees over the age of 55 who seek a community lifestyle without the ongoing maintenance of their own home.

Gary Metcalf, the Managing Director founded the business in 1996 and is now a highly respected thriving South Australian business.

Metcalf Group (SA) offer excellent investment opportunities for Chinese investors to either purchase established retirement villages in South Australia or develop from the ground up.  Our business is unique because we provide expertise to the retirement industry in its entirety.  From concept, planning, approval, construction, marketing, sales and management.

We will work with Chinese investors by individually supporting them through the whole process of locating the most suitable retirement accommodation investment in South Australia through to the ongoing management of this investment.

Metcalf Group (SA) – Core Competencies

  • Ability to provide high quality advice for Chinese investors as we have many years’ experience working in the independent living retirement accommodation industry in South Australia.
  • Planning and designing of independent living retirement villages in South Australia
  • Marketing and project managing all aspects of the construction of retirement villages in South Australia
  • Project management of individual unit renovations
  • Management of your retirement village investment encumbrances:
    • Managing of the day to day operations
    • Handling retirement village accounts
    • Management of residents monthly service fees
    • Organising and overseeing maintenance issues
    • End of year financials and annual budgeting
  • An understanding of the unique constantly changing needs of retirees
  • An experienced team of dedicated professionals associated with Metcalf Group (SA)  which include:
    • Accountants
    • Lawyers
    • Interpreters and translators
    • Bankers
    • Project development specialists
  • We have licensed contractors with high levels of expertise in all aspects of development and renovations
  • We are experts in marketing and sales of independent living retirement village accommodation in South Australia
  • Continual local market research
  • Full understanding of state legislation and regulations
  • A proven track record and numerous award-winning projects

Objective – To introduce Chinese investors to the Metcalf Group (SA) independent living retirement village investment opportunities in South Australia

  • To advise Chinese investors on the most appropriate independent living retirement accommodation opportunities in South Australia
  • To provide Chinese investors with expert professional advice
  • To develop a strong long-term relationship with our Chinese investors
  • To provide the best market knowledge for Chines investors

Metcalf Group (SA) is proud to be recommended as a potential South Australian partner on the South Australian Government document – Investment Attraction South Australia.

Click here to download – Click.investment-attraction-south-australia