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Real Estate Division

Gary Metcalf Real Estate might be one of Adelaide’s newer real estate names around, but the people behind the company represent years of professional experience and exemplary customer service in all areas of the industry.

Incorporated in the Metcalf Group, the company completes the circle of development, sales and property management services offered by the organisation.

Gary Metcalf Real Estate’s success is founded on a commitment to four simple principles…

Integrity is at the very heart of the business philosophy and an integral part of the company’s service in everything from honest and accurate appraisals to getting the very best price for a property.

Clarity in communication throughout all negotiations so that there are never misunderstandings – advice and information is available whenever needed.

Specialisation comes with combined experience of over 25 years in the industry and a true understanding of creative, yet cost-effective target marketing in appropriate mediums.

Results are what it’s all about in the end. Gary Metcalf Real Estate will make the journey as painless, pleasurable and profitable as possible.